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Shanghai xinran compressor co.,ltd is the leading air compressor manufacturer and exporter in China, authorized by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation. (Tel: +86-13621769700, We offer a wide range of Air Compressors, including Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor, Atlas Copco Air Compressor and CompAir Air Compressor, reciprocating air compressors, screw air compressors, sliding vane air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, oilless air compressors...

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 Products Lists:

Screw Air Compressor

    1. Xinran Piston Air Compressor1. Automatic Unloader
      Smart structure to assure safety
      2. Suction, exhaust valve unit
      Valve plate adopts Sweden ASSAB special valve steel with high strength
      3. Air Filter
      Filter air effectively and has high noise deadening function...
      pdfXinran Piston Air Compressor
    1. Compresor de aire de tornillo
    2. Xinran Screw Air CompressorXinran Screw Air Compressor is made of motor, electricity, air and cooling (including after cool). Before delivery, it has been assembled and tested strictly by computer. Convenient delivery and transportation, and low noise make the installment of screw air compressor more flexible.
      pdfXinran Screw Air Compressor
    1. Mezcladora de bebidas
    2. Xinran Sliding-Vane Air CompressorI. Highly modular embed technology twice won the highest honor of British mechanical design-Design Council Industrial Design Award
      II. Concise appearance, perfect, save 95% control parts pipeline
      III. Motor speeds of all models (also referred to head rotary speed) are 1469 n/min, which is only 20%-50% of screw-head
      pdfXinran Sliding-Vane Air Compressor
    1. vidrio
    2. INGERSOLL-RAND Screw Air CompressorUNIGY Screw Air Compressor integrates the most advanced compressor technology, units of human design and unique IntelliDrive system to provide you with the most efficient compressed air...
      pdfINGERSOLL-RAND Screw Air Compressor
    1. INGERSOLL-RAND Portable Air CompressorHigh efficiency cooling system:
      Most of heat produced by compressor is brought out by lubricant exchange heat plate-fin cooler by the way of forced convection.
      pdfINGERSOLL-RAND Portable Air Compressor
    1. aceite
    2. Atlas Copco Oilless Screw Air Compressor• 100% oilless air
      • No need to deal with the problem of condensate
      • Easy operation and maintenance
      • Stable performance
      pdfAtlas Copco Oilless Screw Air Compressor
    1. Mezcladora de bebidas
    2. CompAir Oilless Screw Air CompressorCompAir Oilless Air Compressor can eliminate oil in air, CompAir Oilless Air Compressor series can be used for the occasion which needs oilless compressed air, CompAir Oilless Air Compressor series always meet the needs of various industries for many years, such as automobile, aviation, electronics, textile, food industry, etc...
      pdfCompAir Oilless Screw Air Compressor
    1. vidrio
    2. Domnick Hunter DryerCompressed air is an important power which is widely used in various area of industry. All air of compressed system is from atmosphere, among which has large amount of dust, vapor, not fully burned hydrocarbon and bacteria.
      In addition, lubricant system of air compressor will also produce some pollutants. All of this mixed together will form a kind of corrosive oil sludge which damages device...
      pdfDomnick Hunter Dryer
    1. Application Scope of Coal-Bed Methane Screw Air CompressorCoal-bed Methane Recycling Unit series products are mainly of wet screw air compressors host, used for coal mine gas recycling, natural gas secondary production, oil fields, refineries, natural gas plants, Vinylon Works and chemical fiber plants, etc, as well as combustible gas recycling and utilization of petrochemical enterprises and liquefied petroleum gas stations. The product can recycle and utilize energy and significantly reduce environmental pollution; it is reliable, cost-effective, and highly competitive in domestic market...
      pdfApplication Scope of Coal-Bed Methane Screw Air Compressor
    1. INGERSOLL-RAND Centrifugal Air CompressorIngersoll-Rand is a leader of global centrifugal air compressor technology, since 1911, Ingersoll-Rand has designed and manufactured various types of centrifugal compressors for many industries in the world. For a long time, Ingersoll-Rand is committed to provide relevant solutions of compressed air system for users...
      pdfINGERSOLL-RAND Centrifugal Air Compressor
    1. Mezcladora de bebidas
    2. Xinran Breathing Air CompressorHigh load drive installment is made for the requirements of both short and long time load. Structural design of 3 or 4 grades and adoption of industrial ball bearing assure its long using life in professional use. On the first grade and last grade of high pressure, piston ring is adopted with hi-tech coating, which almost has no abrasion in many strict testing. Maintenance-free and low-pressure lubricated pump assure reliable lubricant...
      pdfXinran Breathing Air Compressor
    1. vidrio
    2. Shenjiang Receiver Tank Shenjiang Receiver Tank is designing and manufacturing unit of D1 and D2 pressure vessel, which has been approved by State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It is the largest manufacturer of D1 and D2 air system (gas storage tank) at home. Shanghai Shengjiang gas storage tank can produce serialization standing storage tank of capacity from 0.3m3 to 70m3, totally over 100 specifications. In addition, Shanghai Shengjiang gas storage tank can design and manufacture other various D1 and D2 pressure vessels according to users’requirements....
      pdfShenjiang Receiver Tank