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Domnick Hunter Dryer

HIROSS PoleStar Refrigerated Dryer
Domnick Hunter Dryer
Problems Existing in Untreated Compressed Air:

Compressed air is an important power which is widely used in various area of industry. All air of compressed system is from atmosphere, among which has large amount of dust, vapor, not fully burned hydrocarbon and bacteria.
In addition, lubricant system of air compressor will also produce some pollutants. All of this mixed together will form a kind of corrosive oil sludge which damages device, corrodes pipeline, increases maintenance cost, pollutes environment, etc.

Installation of one set of Domnick Hunter Oil-Xplus filter and PoloStar Refrigerated dryer system can avoid huge economic loss caused by above problems.

Characteristics of PoloStar Refrigerated Dryer:

Precise Control
microprocessor control panel (PD1100 and above models are standard configuration), use conveniently, precision control and easy maintenance.

Simple Installation
PoloStar PD series Refrigerated dryer is the most compact one in similar products, its positioning and installing are very convenient. PD0050-PD0300 model of dryer even can install on the wall.

Easy to Use
PoloStar PD dryer can operate in extremely bad condition; it can work normally under max. air inlet temperature of 60℃ and max. ambient temperature of 50℃.

High Reliability
PoloStar PD series Refrigerated dryer can ensure continuously normal operation. Firmly aluminum heat exchanger advanced scroll compressor, PD2600 and above configuration of condenser and filter all have high reliability, which improve performance of dryer and reduce possibility of maintenance.

Drypack High Efficiency Heat Exchanger
PoloStar PD series Refrigerated dryer adopts advanced Drypack heat exchanger (PD0700 and above model are standard configuration).

Technical Parameter and Model :
Model Flow Input Power Interface Size Width A Height B Depth C Weight Recommended Filter Model
Nm3/min kW mm mm mm kg Prefilter Postfilter
PD0050 0.5 0.22 3/8"BSP 197 455 450 20 AO-0017G-C AA-0017G-C
PD0100 1 0.39 1/2"BSP 282 530 600 33 AO-0017G-C AA-0017G-C
PD0200 2 0.75 3/4"BSP 352 605 700 55 AO-0058G-C AA-0058G-C
PD0300 3 1.05 3/4"BSP 352 605 700 58 AO-0058G-C AA-0058G-C
PD0700 7 1.17 1½"BSP 615 791 552 70 AO-0145G-C AA-0145G-C
PD1100 11 1.54 2"BSP 920 1015 672 140 AO-0220G-C AA-0220G-C
PD1400 14 1.91 2"BSP 920 1015 672 144 AO-0330G-C AA-0330G-C
PD1900 19 1.96 2"BSP 920 1015 672 150 AO-0330G-C AA-0330G-C
PD2600 26 3.47 DN80 1010 1500 1310 420 AO-0430G-C AA-4330G-C
PD3500 35 4.23 DN80 1010 1500 1310 450 AO-0620G-C AA-620G-C
PD4400 44 5.68 DN100 1010 1500 1310 470 AO-1000F-C AA-1000F-C
PD6000 60 7.42 DN100 1010 1500 1810 550 AO-1000F-C AA-1000F-C
PD7300 73 11.0 DN150 1010 1500 1810 580 AO-1300F-C AA-1300F-C

Correction Coefficient in Different Working Condition:
A Working Pressure barg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Correction Coefficient 0.69 0.79 0.88 0.95 1 1.05 1.09 1.12 1.15 1.18
B Air Inlet Temperature 30 35 40 42 45 50 55 60
Correction Coefficient 1.48 1.29 1.08 1 0.90 0.75 0.63 0.52
C Ambient Temperature 20 25 30 35 38 40 45 50
Correction Coefficient 1.16 1.12 1.08 1.03 1 0.98 0.80 0.52
Air flow in different working condition can be got by multiplication of nominal capacity and correction coefficient in above table.
(for example, actual dryer capacity=nominal capacity × factor A × factor B × factor C)
Max. Working Pressure PD0050-PD0300 16barg
PD0700-PD7300 12barg
Max. Air inlet Temperature 60℃
Max. Ambient Temperature 50℃
Power Supply PD0050-PD0700 230V/1Ph/50HZ
  PD1100-PD7300 400V/3Ph/50HZ
Cooling Method standard:wind cooled; for PD4400-7300, water cooled is available
Refrigerant PD0050-PD0300 R134a
PD0700-PD7300 R22

AO grade filter
high efficiency filtration
filtrate dust particle, water and oil mist which are larger than 1 micron, max. oil mist content is 0.5mg/m3@21℃

AA grade filter
high efficiency and precision filtration
filtrate dust particle, water and oil mist which are larger than 0.01 micron, max. oil mist content is 0.01mg/m3@21℃

ACS grade filter
activated adsorption and filtration
remnants of oil steam are not surpassed 0.003mg/m3@21℃.

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